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Welcome to Concrete & Lavender!

I have been looking for concrete items to add to our home for a while now. Our home aesthetic is a combination of nordic hints with some clean line concrete brutality. We use a lot of black, and dark greys, as well as a pure white and soft wood. Finding items that fit with our decor has been challenging, so a year ago I decided to buy a bucket of cement for art and give it a go! 

Since then, I've been creating items as a hobby, displaying them in our home, or gifting them to friends. The pandemic provided a perfect opportunity for me to experiment more, and see what I can make! 

I've been mixing cement in our back garden so far, but the british weather is not a predictable affair, so I have moved the operation into our garage. There I have a full desk and chair, shelves, and I can be messy with my aggregates and colours without worrying about staining our garden furniture. 

I have created a selection of items already, I'm working on improving some of the characteristics of my mix so that it doesn't crack, and that I can achieve homogeneous colour every time. Follow my journey on this blog, or just head over to my shop to see what I've created so far! 

C & L


Concrete item with hand painted line in black 

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