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Pre-Launch 20 June 2020

Testing, testing, and some more testing! 

This week has been all about testing our cement mix to make sure it is robust enough, has a good finish, and a good colour! 

You can buy cement from any DIY or building store, but what you mix it with is what makes it into concrete. You can mix almost anything you want to make concrete, depending on the outcome you are after! Traditional concrete is a mix of cement, gravel, sand, and water. More recent developments have seen the addition of polyproylene fibres, glass, and even paper and plastics to achieve different characteristics.

I have tested various aggregate mixes, all with different degrees of success, and I think I have achieved a mix that is ideal for the size of items I'm producing! I will continue to test, and make micro-adjustments to the quantities, always striving to bring you the best quality possible. I currently have more items that do not pass my quality assessment than items that do, but that's all part of the testing process, right?! 

Ah and a last thing! I think I've found the best paper to use for labels! I've ordered some recycled seeded paper, so when you receive your items, you can cut it up and plant it! Look out for a blog post on seeded paper


Until next time,

C & L


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