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Pre-Launch 27 June 2020

It's Saturday morning and I'm sat on my kitchen table in between some of the concrete creations. It's been too hot this week to work in the workshop, and I didn't want to compromise the integrity of my items by letting the concrete dry out too quickly. So this week I've focused on taking pictures of the items that are already created, and trying to set up the website

At this point I can't afford a professional photographer, so I've brushed my photography skills, and my camera from when I was a sales rep for Canon and got to work! I'm simply cropping the images on my mac for the time being so don't expect too much! 

This week I've reached a few other milestones too. I have placed an order with a packaging provider so we can finally test whether the items will be safe in transit! Sustainability is important to me, so I've decided to go with recycled cardboard as the external box, recycled wrap paper, and paper bubble wrap. For the heavier items we will also include a filler made up of starch that is biodegradable - you can actually put it in your sink and melt it with water.

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C & L


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