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Our aim is to create beautiful décor for your homes without having an adverse effect on the planet.

Sustainability is important to me so I’m always on the lookout for things I can do to reduce our carbon footprint.


Concrete and lavender thank you cards

Our new and improved labels not only are biodegradable, but they are embedded with lavender seeds! So you can grow your own lavender bush too!

How to use seeded paper:

  1. Cut it in smaller pieces
  2. Place in a pot with compost
  3. Water well, and make sure it is always kept moist

Do not let it dry as this will reduce the chance of seeds sprouting

  1. Place your pot in a warm area
  2. You should see the seeds sprouting in 1-2 weeks!
  3. Once your seedlings are large enough, and it’s warm enough outside, you can transfer them to your garden or balcony.
  4. Post pictures of your paper growing on Instagram and tag us @concretelavender 😊



Our items are always wrapped in recycled craft paper, tied with natural twine, and decorated with a few stems of dried lavender from our garden (as long as stock lasts).

Then they are placed in eco-friendly carboard boxes, made with recycled paper, and lined with recycled paper alternative to bubble wrap.

If needed, starch filler beans are also used – These are biodegradable, and water soluble (it’s a fun activity for kids to watch them ‘disappear’ in water!)

We try to use the right box for each order, but if there is a need for extra filler, we use recyclable air cushions (which are re-used from deliveries we receive).


Carbon emissions

As a small business, our main emissions are caused by ‘our supply chain’. For example the emissions from the production of cement, and the emissions generated by our deliveries. Our scope 1 and 2 emissions are minimal as we use renewable electricity to charge the LED lighting used in the workshop, and renewable electricity and gas for the rest of the property.

In order to offset as many of our emissions as possible, we have signed up to Ecologi, an organisation that plant trees all over the world, but also fund various projects that reduce carbon emissions, for example an onshore wind generation project in Taiwan. If you want to offset your own emissions and create your own little forest you can sign up here.


I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what else we could be doing in the comments.


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